Build Trust & Differentiate or Lose to Those That Do

Problem 1

You are selling to IT buyers that have been burned by the failing support model of hosted applications. If you can’t address how your buyer’s users will be supported without finger pointing then expect them to pass on the providers you are bringing.

Problem 2

It’s a prove it or lose it world. From a pre sales perspective you must prove how a service will work in the real environment of your sales prospect. Network and application assessments are mandatory and solve this problem while bolstering your position as a trusted advisor.

Selling Cloud services is getting noisy. If you can’t help a customer understand how a technology will work in their environment then you will lose the sale to someone who can. Becoming the trusted advisor is the best way to increase the rate of closed sales as well as anchor your position for repeat business. But this requires a change. Customers demand proof. Will this application work in my environment? Can you help me prove it so I don’t lose my job? How will my users be supported? What if there is a problem?

The Agent that says “I can help you prove it” removes the technical and business risk for the end buyer and thus earns the sale. TrustedSky allows an Agent to say “sure my providers CAN work but don’t you want to know if it’s going to work for YOUR users?”.  TrustedSky empowers agents to do network analysis, VoIP and Video assessments that prove what UC providers traveling over what carriers is going to get the job done. Furthermore by being an Agent that sells only TrustedSky certified providers you are bringing a support workflow that others don’t. By bringing TrustedSky providers you are saying that should problems happen down the road you will have the most proactive support possible.

Customers now demand this level of transparency and accountability. When you provide it you you win the business.