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Q:  What Does TrustedSky Do? What Problems Does it Address?

A:  TrustedSky is a platform for Cloud self service. It makes providers be transparent with their end user experience and couples that with self service capabilities for their customer’s IT to fix their own users issues.The problem today is that no single group can take responsibility for the user’s experience with a hosted application. Cloud providers may host applications that are technically up 100% of the time but that is irrelevant. The experience of an end user is dependent on their device, wireless LAN, and multi-carrier route to the hosted application. When problems happen here they blame the provider and that blame threatens their revenue stream. TrustedSky has convinced leading providers to run our Beacon software that enables users to assess and diagnose their own performance. It also enables the user’s IT staff to help them fix the problem. Lastly it enables a uniform set of objective metrics so that all parties involved can work from a source of truth vs. the natural inclination to point fingers. TrustedSky can be thought of as a third party arbiter only interested in making sure that end users can get the best quality of experience possible.

Q:  How Does TrustedSky Work?

A:  Providers have nothing to hide, so we ask them prove it. They install TrustedSky Beacons at their data centers which enables end users and their IT to assess and diagnose problems from the endpoint to the cloud hosted application. What makes this so unique is:

  • The providers are happy to do it because it only proves how very rare it is for an issue to be on their side

  • It creates an instant (just go to a webpage) and relevant (the testing and analysis is done between the endpoint and the beacon) set of diagnostics that all parties can see.

  • It’s free for End Users and Agents.

Q:  What is a Typical Use Case Scenario?

A:  Say Mary is working from home using a cloud hosted Unified Communications app. While she is doing a sales presentation her voice quality is degraded and other people on the call are complaining that they can’t see her presentation anymore. She has to end the presentation early and immediately calls her IT department and let’s them have it. The IT department has little to offer since the application is hosted and furthermore her PC and home network aren’t theirs to manage. This is bad for all parties. Mary looks bad. The IT team is not empowered to do the most basic of technical support. The IT team may file a complaint to the provider but to be fair these tickets are rarely resolved.

  • All there is next to no diagnostic information except for usually a timestamp.

  • The problems aren’t recreate-able.

  • No single group is able to fully support the user to her satisfaction.

TrustedSky changes this. Now when there is a problem Mary goes to trustedsky.com/providerX. A “thin” webpage comes up and runs diagnostics on Mary’s endpoint and between her location and the provider’s datacenter. All of the statistics are sent to the TrustedSky portal and is bundled into a 6 character session code that can be shared with Mary, Mary’s IT and the provider. Mary gets “next step” guidance. If it’s an obvious problem the page tells her what to do. If the problem has nothing to do with the provider than Mary is guided to contact her IT team and share her code. If the problem is indeed with the provider they can help her through the same session code.

All the while the diagnostic information is instant and relevant and shareable between the parties. Should her IT team need to engage they can login to TrustedSky and escalate the diagnostic capabilities of the session. In this case Mary is told to run an on-the-fly application. Once that is loaded the technician can generate synthetic tests, do network assessments, better understand her network environment based on her NIC interfaces etc.

In total TrustedSky creates the workflow that eliminates finger pointing, empowers IT and providers to fix problems and is becoming a standard workflow for how providers support their end users.

Q:  As a Service Provider, Why Should I Join TrustedSky?

A:   Your applications may be available 100% of the time but that’s not the problem. The end user’s experience is a function of their endpoint device, their wireless LAN and the multi-carrier path to your data center. If you can’t prove that a performance problem isn’t your fault then you will be blamed time and time again. This leads to brand damage and lost revenue. TrustedSky enables self service for your users so they don’t have to call you. Should they call to complain it creates a perfect escalation workflow that starts with objective, relevant metrics that your entire support team can see. It can escalate into full endpoint diagnostics that can prove what the issue is and it’s coupled with synthetic call testing from the user to your data center. There is no amount of saying “it’s your fault” that scales well in terms of customer satisfaction. By joining TrustedSky you are saying I have nothing to hide and you don’t have to trust my word for it.

Q:  As an Agent of Service Provider Technologies, How Does This Differentiate My Company?

A:  Selling Cloud services is getting noisy. If you can’t help a customer understand how a technology will work in their environment then you will lose the sale to someone who can. Becoming the trusted advisor is the best way to increase the rate of closed sales as well as anchor your position for repeat business. But this requires a change. Customers demand proof. Will this application work in my environment? Can you help me prove it so I don’t lose my job? How will my users be supported? What if there is a problem?

The Agent that says “I can help you prove it” removes the technical and business risk for the end buyer and thus earns the sale. TrustedSky allows an Agent to say “sure they the providers CAN work but don’t you want to know if it’s going to work for YOUR users?”.  TrustedSky empowers agents to do network analysis, VoIP and Video assessments that prove what UC providers traveling over what carriers is going to get the job done. Furthermore by being an Agent that sells only TrustedSky certified providers you are bringing a support workflow that others don’t. Your sales prospects have been burned by cloud providers before. By bringing TrustedSky providers you are saying that should problems happen down the road you will have the most proactive support possible. Customers now demand this level of transparency and accountability. When you provide it you you win the business.

Q:  What Kind of Information and Diagnostics are Available? How Does the Licensing Work? How Much Does it Cost and Who Pays?

A:  If you are an end user there is no cost. If you are an Agent there is no cost. If you are a Provider there is an Alliance fee and then based on the level of endpoint diagnostic capabilities you want there are corresponding license fees.

Q: When is This NOT Useful?

A: TrustedSky is all about Cloud hosted applications with roaming endpoint computers/phones/tablets, etc. This is not an enterprise or “back end” monitoring nor diagnostic solution. The exact point is that providers today have excellent uptime. The real focal point is how can we enable self service for the end user and create a workflow for diagnosing problems from endpoint to the edge of the application.

Q:  Who Uses TrustedSky Now?

A:  Telarus, Shoretel, Momentum, Broadview, Ring Central, West IP Communications, Jive and Yiptel are some of the leading and noteworthy providers that are running Beacons and proving to the world they have nothing to hide. From an end user perspective, these provider’s end users and their IT teams leverage it for self service.

Q:  How Do I Sign Up?

A:  Fill out the form on our Contact Us  page and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

About TrustedSky

TrustedSky is a joint alliance of leading service providers in the Cloud/Unified Communications market. TrustedSky was formed to solve the broken Cloud support model. Hosted Cloud applications guarantee that no single group can best support an end user endures a performance problem. TrustedSky’s goal is to bring transparency to this process and create a self-service workflow that accelerates the time to solution between an end-user, the end-user’s IT staff and the Cloud provider.

If you are a provider and would like to join the TrustedSky Alliance please contact us to apply.