Trust. The Difference Between Winning and Losing

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TrustedSky providers have nothing to hide when it comes to performance, so they prove it by enabling self support, diagnostics and network assessments for any and all to support the user.

TrustedSky is that platform for Cloud self service. It enables self service capabilities for their customer’s IT to fix their own users issues

The problem today is that no single group can take responsibility for the user’s experience with a hosted application and this creates fear in the IT buyer. Cloud providers may host applications that are technically up 100% of the time but that is irrelevant. The experience of an end user is dependent on their device, wireless LAN, and multi-carrier route to the hosted application. When problems happen here they blame the provider and that blame threatens their revenue stream.

Don’t take our word for it. The following survey asks why prospects did NOT go hosted?

Here are the composite results from the three leading analyst firms.

  • People are concerned about performance and reliability.

  • This says “control”, but what I think it means is that as a buyer, how am I supposed to control and support users when I am basically “outsourcing”.

Leading providers run the TrustedSky Beacon software that enables users to assess and diagnose their own performance. It also enables the user’s IT staff to help them fix the problem. Lastly it enables a uniform set of objective metrics so that all parties involved can work from a source of truth vs. the natural inclination to point fingers. TrustedSky can be thought of as a 3rd party arbiter only interested in making sure that end users can get the best quality of experience possible.


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